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Logo Bauer-Gruppe

Welcome to the Bauer Group

It all started with a small dairy company that was founded in Wasserburg am Inn in 1887 by Franz Seraph Bauer, the great-great-grandfather of the current managing directors, and was named Bauerschweizer Käsewerk at that time. Nowadays, the Bauer Group as J. Bauer GmbH & Co. KG forms the holding company and includes the three business areas of dairy, gourmet products and trade as well as the seven Bauer subsidiaries. The Bauer Group has several production sites of its own throughout Germany and is now managed as a family-owned company in its fifth generation. Since the beginning of 2013, Florian and Markus Bauer have been in charge of the Group's management.

Logo Frischdienst

Bauer Frischdienst GmbH

The Bauer fresh service supplies customers in the areas of gastronomy, hotel industry, catering for businesses and social service institutions and food retailing. The range of products includes more than 10,000 articles and concentrates on dairy and cheese products and a wide choice of dry foods, non-food articles, fruit and vegetables, sausages and meat as well as frozen food. When selecting the products great importance is attached to high quality and preference is given to regional producers. By consistently maintaining the cold chain thanks to a state-of-the-art storage technology, intensive personal customer support and extremely flexible order processing, the company provides services at the highest level. Committed and creative employees are one of the factors contributing to the success of the company's development. Here, providing individual leeway and appreciation are essential prerequisites for us to ensure long-term and active employee retention.


 The company Frikoni Food GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1988 in Nienburg/Weser.

Frikoni is a salad and vegetable processing company with a large, diversified product portfolio that includes almost every product in this sector.
Any type of food that grows on a field is processed to ready-for-use products and sold as single-ingredient or mixed products. In addition to products that remain uncooked, a portion of these products is further processed to gourmet salads by adding dressings or salad cream. Many of them are manufactured according to formulas specified by the customer. Frikoni's high degree of flexibility in production allows for a very quick response to the needs of the market and to current product trends. Thanks to the company's strong experience and its employees who have been working there for many years, a high standard of quality and absolute freshness of the products can be guaranteed. This is why Frikoni has become one of the national market leaders in this field.


Logo Elsdorfer

Heideblume Molkerei Elsdorf-Rotenburg AG

Founded in 1909 as a classical dairy cooperative, Heideblume has developed in the course of its 100-year history to become a specialist supplier providing a large variety of products and packaging. The company offers a large portfolio of different dairy products for use in the wholesale and retail business and in the industry. The product range includes powdered milk and UHT cream as well as products such as tzatziki, fruit quark, fruit yoghurt or herbed quark. The variety of different possible packaging and recipes is a decisive factor for Heideblume's success. Its traditional and new recipes as well as genuine dairy and fine food expertise have always convinced customers, and the company excels through many years of experience and a great passion for food.

Logo Immergut

Immergut GmbH & Co. KG

The company Immergut GmbH & Co. KG specialises in contract filling and contract packing. Its product range is based on three pillars: brand, private label and customer brand. In addition to numerous milk products, Immergut also produces large quantities of soy, oat and rice drinks as well as fruit juices, soft drinks and coconut water. But it also offers know-how in the areas of sports, senior and dietetic nutrition. The Immergut products' first-class and consistent quality is owed to a state-of-the-art technology, premium raw materials and the most up-to-date packaging materials. Highly qualified employees, whose further development is ensured by regular training courses, play an essential role within the company's consistent quality strategy.

Logo Märker

Märker Fine Food GmbH

Märker Fine Food has been selling fresh top-quality convenience products for more than 25 years now. Thanks to a high level of flexibility it has been possible to always respond to the customers' wishes in terms of recipes and packaging. The range of savoury high-class products, largely without additives, includes a wide variety of dressings, dips, sauces, desserts and fine food specialities. The products are offered in the bulk consumer and wholesale delivery business as well as the classical cash-and-carry market. The company Märker Fine Food GmbH develops its products according the customers' individual wishes regarding flavour and packaging size.

Logo Privatmolkerei

Privatmolkerei Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1887 as a small family-owned company, the private dairy Bauer has evolved to be one of the most successful European fruit yoghurt manufacturers. This success is based on more than 125 years of perfected expertise and a strong family which has handed down its knowledge and recipes from generation to generation, guaranteeing best quality with its name ever since. The private dairy's product portfolio comprises around 300 fresh products and more than 30 varieties of cheese. Its centre-piece is "Der große Bauer" yoghurt, available in more than 40 different flavours. In addition to the favoured "Knirps" cheese products, the Bauer semi-hard cheeses such as "Innperle" or "Diplomat" are also bestsellers at the cheese counter. For the Bauer dairy, the basic values of tradition and sense of responsibility build the foundation of quality, freshness and taste. Long-term thinking and sustainable actions are always more important than quick results. The employees play a very important role; many have been working for the company for generations - like the Bauer family, too.

Logo Stannecker

Stannecker GmbH

Stannecker is one of the largest manufacturers of frozen mushrooms specialising in wild mushrooms. The company developed a special process to blanch and finally freeze chanterelles in a manner that maintains the fresh character. Another business area is the production of Swabian pastas prepared according to original recipes. The product range also comprises convenience products such as pan-cooked and mushroom dishes and fried vegetables. They are distributed through wholesale, retail and industry channels. Stannecker GmbH is highly specialised in meeting customer wishes. Diligence, quality and select natural raw materials are key factors for the success of its popular frozen food products. Committed employees stand as guarantors for the high quality of the products.

Logo Walhalla

Walhalla Delikatessen GmbH

The company Walhalla Delikatessen GmbH sells fresh, dried and frozen wild mushrooms under the brand name "Golden Mushroom", and thus ranks among the largest and leading suppliers in Europe of branded products in the area of frozen mushroom specialities. In addition to fresh mushrooms, the company also offers dried and frozen mushrooms in various types of packaging. The product range of Walhalla Delikatessen also includes vegetarian delicacies, finger food and convenience products. The sales activities focus not only on bulk consumers, but also on cash-and-carry marketing in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

The company's employees are one of the key factors, contributing every single day to the high quality of the products.

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