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Our philosophy

Logo philosophyFounded as a small cheese dairy in 1887, we, the private dairy Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, are one of the largest fruit yoghurt manufacturers in Europe today. We are part of the Bauer Group that is now being managed by the Bauer brothers Markus and Florian in its fifth generation. Combining tradition with modernity is what our daily work routine features: Excellent raw materials, expertise perfected over decades, zest for innovation and state-of-the art technology enable us to manufacture top-quality dairy products. "Der große Bauer" ranks among the most popular fruit yoghurts in Germany: It has been the flagship of the Bauer family since the 1960s and is available today in more than 40 flavours, still as innovative as ever. Wasserburg am Inn has been our home town for more than 125 years. Here, we manufacture 3.4 million pots of yoghurt and 16 tons of cheese products daily and export them to more than 20 countries. We take our responsibility towards nature and people seriously. As a family-run company there is no doubt for us that our success can only be achieved with first-class products and satisfied employees.

The origin of our raw materials

Logo RohstoffkarteEach day's fresh milk is the basis for our delicious yoghurt products and high-quality cheese varieties and is exclusively supplied by farmers from beautiful Upper and Lower Bavaria, located between the Alps and the Bavarian Forest. Nature and the intact environment surrounding our company site in Wasserburg am Inn provide for the best feedstuffs and above-average quality of the raw material, the milk. The quality control of our products is guaranteed not only by constant monitoring of each day's fresh milk, but it all starts already on the farm itself. As we attach high importance to natural feeding, our farmers use genetically unmodified feedstuffs. The milk production is already subjected to strict controls at the farmer's and is carried out with the highest level of hygiene. At Bauer, the milk is further processed on the same day into fine products such as yoghurt, fresh each day. We strongly believe that one can taste this freshness.

The Bauer guarantee seal

Logo GarantiesiegelWe have been committing for five generations to our products' quality with the most precious thing we have - the name Bauer. Each day's fresh milk, select ingredients and special Bauer yoghurt cultures ensure the highest quality and provide for the typically mild and creamy yoghurt. The Bauer guarantee seal, prominently placed on the pots, stands for the absence of colorants, preservatives and gelatine - all this starting back in 1971. The know-how and intent to produce top-quality dairy products has been handed down from generation to generation, since the private dairy Bauer has been family run for more than 125 years. A company with tradition: This is what we are proud of.

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